In a different life, I was a dental assistant turned stay-at-home mom, where I baked, cooked, and nurtured my little girls.  Spoiler alert: My girls aren’t so little anymore and mama needed a second, ok third, act.

I’m married to my husband Rob whom I met under the most unusual circumstances (his cousin is my best friend). Together we have three daughters who are in the in-between stages of life, and we live in the sleepy suburbs of Connecticut. Think Stars Hollow, only without Luke pouring me COFFEE every 10 minutes.

Other Important things you should know about me: I love Coffee, Captain & Diet (even though I know it’s bad for you), and re-watching shows from when I was a teenager. 

If you’re into personality types I am an ENFJ, a Challenger, and an Enneagram 8. That means I’m the leader of the pack, tell it like it is, and I probably have an opinion about that. But don’t worry I’m a champion of the underdog and will always have your back. You should probably also know that I love Jesus, but I cuss a little (or a lot).

Simply put, Raising Social is a content marketing company specializing in social media management and marketing. This includes website design, blog posts, email, and social media blasts, Podcast Management, and Marketing Strategy for the woman entrepreneur. If you’re a professional Social Media Entrepreneur we offer courses and consulting to expand your business.

We know that managing your business means sacrifice in your personal life. We know you are more than your job title, more than you have built. We believe in helping you succeed as a woman and as a business owner. 

Raising Social is owned and operated by a woman who is a mother of 3 in-betweeners, and a wife of a professional man. She knows the demands of careers, family time, and all that intercepts. When you work with us, we work together to elevate your small business. 

Through our strategic process, we get to learn who you are as a person and as a brand. We are then able to create a plan that is specific to your needs.



Want to know more details on what we do? Check out our services page for a list of services we offer at Raising Social.

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